How to configure datastore settings

Datastore settings can be found at /admin/dkan/datastore

Rows limit

This sets the maximum number of rows the datastore endpoints can return in a single request. The default is 500 rows. Caution: setting too high can lead to timeouts or memory issues, values above 20,000 not recommended. It is advised to run load tests to determine how high you can safely set this value.

Use the limit and offset parameters to iterate through result sets that are larger than the row limit when running queries against the datastore API.

Datastore triggering properties

By default the only way trigger a “refresh” to an existing datastore is a change to the data file name. If the data in your file is updated but file name remains the same, you can select other “triggers” to ensure that the old datastore is dropped and a new one is generated.

For example, if you select “Last Update (modified)”, any change to this value will add jobs to the queue when the dataset is saved. These jobs will drop the existing datastore table and generate a new datastore when cron runs or when the queue is run directly.