Federal Extras

The Open Data Federal Extras Module module extends DKAN Dataset to include selected Project Open Data and other federal requirements. See the Project Open Data Schema for more information (this module essentially adds the fields marked “USG”). It includes a list of U.S. federal bureau and program codes, with a script to keep program codes up-to-date.

Additional Fields

  • Bureau Code
  • Program Code
  • Data Quality
  • primary IT Investment UII
  • System of Records

Enabling the module will add these fields to your Dataset content type. Note that disabling the module will not remove them. To remove the fields completely (which will permanently delete all data in those fields), uninstall the module from the module administration screen or via drush pm-uninstall.

Updating the Program Code list

  1. Go to https://project-open-data.github.io/schema/#programCode
  2. Download “Federal Program Inventory”
  3. Export in csv to fed_program_code_list
  4. cd ‘fed_program_code_list’
  5. Make sure filenames at beginning of list_to_array.php are correct.
  6. Run php -r " require 'list_to_array.php'; opfe_list_to_array_process();

The Bureau Code List

The Bureau Code list is built from a CSV downloaded from seanherron/OMB-Agency-Bureau-and-Treasury-Codes. This repository has not been updated recently and new sources for this data are currently being considered.