Catalog Features

Project Open Data Compliance

DKAN provides a “data.json” index to satisfy the US federal government’s Project Open Data requirements. More information about the “slash data” or “data.json” requirements can be found in POD’s Open Data Catalog Requirements and Common Core Metadata Schema pages.

The exact mapping of data (specifically, Drupal data tokens) from your DKAN site to the data.json index can be customized using the Open Data Schema Mapper.

DCAT-Compliant Markup

Project Open Data’s schema is based on the DCAT open data vocabulary. DKAN also provides RDF endpoints and RDFa markup for all Datasets following the DCAT specification.

Public Catalog Listing API, Based on CKAN

For exposing more and better-structured machine-readable metadata than Project Open Data’s data.json allows for, DKAN also ships with a public API based heavily on CKAN’s. This includes APIs for viewing the contents of an entire catalog, as well as requesting the metadata for a single dataset.