DKAN Metastore


The metastore’s job is to ingest data in JSON format, validate the JSON data against a JSON Schema, and to store the valid data.

As we take ownership of the management of these data, the metastore also provides ways to retrieve, update and delete the data.


There are 3 main ways to interact with the metastore module:

  • Drush commands

  • Endpoints

  • Services

Drush commands

To see the Drush commands that are made available by this module, look at the Drupal::metastore::Commands::MetastoreCommands class.


To see the endpoints that are made available by this module, check the metastore.routing.yml file.


For development, we want to interact with the code/classes directly. Drupal’s dependency injection mechanism makes it fairly easy to get a fully-built class/service injected into your own classes in your own module. To see the services available reference the file.