Developing with local Solr serverΒΆ

DKAN is shipped with a search powered by the database, though it can be used in production environments using a Solr server. Now, DKAN also provides the module DKAN Custom Solr, by enabling this module, you’ll be able to use a Solr server in your local development.

This module depends on Search API Solr module and it provides the settings for creating a local development Solr server using DKAN Tools and will update the datasets and groups search indexes provided by DKAN.

Note: this server will be created using settings based on the DKAN Tools Solr container, if you are not using DKAN Tools, you’ll still be able to use the module but may need to update the respective configuration in admin/config/search/search_api/server/dkan_custom_solr/edit.

If you want to stop using the local Solr server provided by this module, simply disable this module and revert the indexes to their original config in admin/config/search/search_api.