• #3022 Patch og_moderation module to allow users to revert nodes.


  • #3023 Update recline hash on drupal-org.make


  • #3016 Add Drush command to remove datastore config and drop datastore table for resource.
  • #3018 Upgrade recline to 7.x-2.2 -> fixes how the sort parameter is built
  • #3017 Patch facetapi to hide block when facet is empty.
  • #3015 Add summary option to Group description.


  • #3012 Prevent infinite loop in Harvest Source preview page
  • #3002 Add release script and Jenkinsfile
  • #2733 Decouple search from dkan_panels & other features
  • #2984 Remove feeds modules
  • #2985 Remove dreprecated dkan_sitewide_roles_perms module
  • #3004 Update contrib modules (facet_api, facet_api_bonus, file_entity, honeypot, link, media, media_youtube, panopoly_images)
  • #2995 Remove 404 redirect
  • #2968 Stop queuing dataset “log” and only do if > 1min
  • #2975 Add file hash option
  • #2983 Separate harvest classes into separate files and do some light cleanup
  • #3010 Update radix to 3.8
  • #3008 Add admin_views contrib module
  • #3007 Fix typo in dkan_datastore_proxy function
  • #3003 Improve validation for temporal values when harvesting
  • #2998 Move check for file size into the proxy function


  • #2997 Add views patch 3054091


  • #2996 Security release for Drupal 7.69


  • #2989 Bump symfony/dependency-injection from 2.8.38 to 2.8.52 in /test


  • #2982 #2986 Remove admin_views
  • #2977 Move documentation images to S3
  • #2959 Remove deprecated ahoy files
  • #2973 Update list of professional help in docs
  • #2972 Fix branch/tag in drupal-org.make file
  • #2967 Upgrade ODSM and enable fast token browser
  • 5282845 Adjustments to behat tests
  • 8953e45 Restore phpunit.xml file
  • #2964 Fix polling places file
  • #2963 Fix Call to a member function getTimestamp() on null error
  • fd331bc Update dkan sites list


  • #2956 Update new WCAG-compliant default theme colors to be consistent across the site.
  • #2957 Update frequency values on default content files.
  • #2954 Update contrib modules, adjust DKAN code to support PHP 7.2
  • #2951 Update default greetings on workbench email templates.
  • #2908 Add DKAN Periodic Updates module
  • #2804 Disable and uninstall feeds, feeds_flatstore_processor, and feeds_field_fetcher modules
  • #2945 Upgrade imagecache_actions to 1.11
  • #2944 Specify behavior on dkan_workflow moderation set state action to avoid extra node_save.
  • #2943 Add documentation for DKAN Feedback
  • #2940 Update Open Data Schema Map to 7.x-2.4
  • #2935 Add documentation for DKAN custom solr
  • #2931 Add patch for NULL controller class
  • #2921 Fix gaps in WCAG compliance


  • #2928 Update ODSM to 7.x-2.3 to fix broken RDF/JSON links
  • #2918 Avoid importing/orphaning when harvest cache is not present for unavailable sources.
  • #2919 Security update for imagecache_actions


  • #2892 Harvest support range dates separated by dashes
  • #2894 Remove user field on unpublished nodes tab on workbench moderation UI.
  • #2889 Make Page Title reflect dataset/resource content
  • #2893 Update Open Data Schema Map to 7.x-2.2
  • #2885 Security update for uuid and tablefield modules


  • #2876 Update the datastore lock code to use drupal functions
  • #2879 Update dkan_workflow to add option to delete unpublished nodes
  • #2880 Fix drush command that deletes orphaned datastore tables
  • #2870 Remove workflow emails from dkan_workflow
  • #2878 Remove hard-coded access to revisions for anonymous users


  • #2874 Security update for Drupal to 7.67 (SA-CORE-2019-007)
  • #2730 Behat test improvements
  • #2862 Add primary key to datastore tables. Create hook_datastore_post_import to allow users to execute actions right after data has been imported into the datastore.
  • #2842 Fix harvest migration message logging for batched migrations


  • #2864 Tablefield security update
  • #2864 Drupal core security update
  • #2863 Use the data.json mediaType value to assign the resource extension during Harvest if the format is not given.
  • #2809 Remove ‘Feedback’ from the list of content types managed by DKAN Workflow
  • #2809 Apply patch to views to fix a bug on set_group_operator when using hook_views_query_alter
  • #2809 Remove user picture from comment.tpl.php
  • #2860 Document new datastore behavior
  • #2852 Add ‘count’ to the list of functions supported by the Datastore API


  • #2854 Wrap words on harvest summary sidebar.
  • #2856 Switch to forked version of font_icon_select module.
  • #2858 Security Upgrade of Services to 3.24.


  • #2780 Run tests with dktl.
  • #2853 Security Upgrade of Module Filter to 2.2.


  • #2848 Upgrade Drupal to 7.65
  • #2812 Use ISO 8601 Date Format for Temporal Coverage


  • #2846 Update for views 7.x-3.21 and ctools 7.x-1.15
  • #2824 Handle missing harvest source with a warning rather than mass un-publishing of content.
  • #2840 Skip the dataset_changelog step when harvesting, datasets always get a new revision with out it
  • #2839 Add drush command for deleting orphaned data tables drush dkan-datastore-drop-orphan-tables
  • #2828 Implement the –feedback flag when harvesting to avoid SSH time outs during long harvests


  • #2837 Security updates for the services and path_breadcrumbs contrib modules
  • #2834 Add drush command drush ddpr to reduce duplicate dataset revisions from the same timestamp to a single revision.
  • #2830 Add patch to workbench_moderation to avoid deadlock on update
  • #2821 Declare file size of remote files as ‘unknown’ since the value given can be inaccurate
  • #2823 Update dkan_dataset_validate_date() function to work on additional date formats


  • #2832 Security updates for link and restws
  • #2816 Fix resource titles when harvesting from Socrata - use the format when a title is not available


  • #2805 Update Drupal Core to 7.63
  • #2800 Update Drupal Core to 7.62
  • #2792 Fix text/tab-separated-values file mime types to work with the datastore
  • #2793 Fix documentation on aggregation functions min and max.


  • #2778 Add check for partial date elements when running harvest
  • #2787 Update rest-api documentation
  • #2788 Update contrib modules: diff, field_hidden, file_entity, honeypot, libraries, menu_block, migrate, panopoly_images, panopoly_widgets, search_api, tablefield, taxonomy_menu
  • #2784 Update harvest node machine name field settings to limit length and replace single hyphen
  • #2785 Fix harvest support for dataset identifiers that end with a ‘/’
  • #2782 Fix dataset and resource orphan field update on post-harvest import operations
  • #2781 Use dkan_allowed_extensions() during harvest
  • #2760 Remove content page create/edit permissions from the editor role
  • #2775 Add check for mysql reserved words in column names when importing data to the datastore
  • #2777 Add check for SelectQuery object when running dkan_datastore_api_debug
  • #2776 Update recline revision
  • #2767 Update workbench email notification text
  • #2774 Update the license options uri values
  • #2773 Fix Only variables should be passed by reference errors in dkan_datastore_api
  • #2772 Fix CartoDB preview error
  • #2763 Update dkan_environment key from ‘stage’ to ‘test’
  • #2762 Update Drupal to 7.61


  • #2179 Refactor Datastore Importer
  • #2627 Add support for ISO-8106 duration values in “modified” when harvesting
  • #2729 Update recline to 2.1
  • #2713 CSV Parser Improvements: trailing commas & escape chars
  • #2740 Fix dkan_workflow anonymous access to revisions and unpublished content
  • #2724 Update contrib modules: better_exposed_filters, file_entity, media, panopoly_widgets, search_api_db, uuid, date: fixes issue 2843367
  • #2718 Update odsm_dkan token values for remote file
  • #2707 DKAN workflow documentation updates
  • #2723 Include dkan.profile to prevent undefined function in update


  • #2710 Replace data stories page view with a non-search index version
  • #2712 Remove unused xss code


  • #2701 Update drupal core to 7.60
  • #2541 Updates for php 7.1 compatibility
  • #2702 Fix ‘a non-numeric value encountered’ error
  • #2696 Peg drush to a specific version
  • #2670 Update ODSM to 2.1 for php 7 compatibility
  • #2692 Patch the radix theme to use local bootstrap.min.js file
  • #2664 Add UI to change allowed extensions on resources
  • #2668 Add environment and environment_indicator modules to DKAN
  • #2656 Update workbench_moderation, drafty, and dkan_sitewide_panels to fix ‘View draft’ button
  • #2658 Fix behat test @workflow_19 to avoid false positive result
  • #2644 Automate group role assignments
  • #2650 & #2634 Documentation updates
  • #2637 Fix version check on available updates for empty value
  • #2636 Add created date as a sort option on search pages
  • #2628 Update Datastore API documentation


  • #2605 Remove group member count and link from the group block
  • #2604 Update select_or_other to 2.24
  • #2601 Update file_resup to 1.5
  • #2418, #2600 & #2606 Documentation updates
  • #2599 Adds additional helper function to get remote file info
  • #2592 CSS updated to add ppt/pptx file icons
  • #2589 Security update for uuid (1.1)
  • #2586 Switch to saving the data.json url by default when harvesting remote files rather than the effective url
  • #2585 Add kml, kmz, shp to allowed extensions on resource file upload and remote file fields
  • #2588 More granular field validation for datasets and resources.
  • #2557 Wrap Dkan defined string to improve multilingual support


  • #2576 Add redirect to search page on 404 status
  • #2572 Open Data API table documentation tweaks
  • #2561 Test improvements
  • #2553 Add an example on how to set the dkan_map_tile_url variable
  • #2552 Run linting before tests
  • #2567 Fix typo in
  • #2544 Update contrib modules
  • #2563 Remove changelog checkbox from PR template
  • #2562 Fix the docker download url


  • #2533 #2546 Updates docker-compose to use updated cli container
  • #2542 Add theme setting to adjust hero region height
  • #2531 Add table tags to allowed html
  • #2527 Stop xdebug in web and cli containers for tests
  • #2521 Add custom validation rules to the REST API node creation
  • #2498 Fix the link to installation info on
  • #2463 Update circle setup to use local DEV containers
  • #2485 Check the character length of harvested resource urls
  • #2476 Update getExtension() and createResources() functions
  • #2452 Fix front page link paths on logo and site name
  • #2489 Create variable for map tile url
  • #2492 Security update for file_resup module, upgrade to version 1.5
  • #2358 Fix datastore error reporting when UUID is missing


  • #2339 Adds a linkchecker to DKAN.
  • #2409 Allows the services API to be able to consume datasets with the same format given when retrieving a dataset through the API
  • #2434 Disable option to assign content to anonymous user
  • #2431 Fix calls to the empty function that check the return value of a function or method
  • #2405 & #2427 Improve tests


  • #2473 Security upgrades to Drupal 7.59 and Media 2.9
  • #2470 Get harvest tests passing
  • #2468 Update urls to use https rather than http
  • #2467 Update command center menu links
  • #2464 Move functions out of the dkan_sitewide_menu.install file


  • #2461 Update
  • #2456 Remove exra docker dir
  • #2458 Fix the chrome issue
  • #2450 Incorrect Readme Links


  • #2435 Update Drupal core to 7.58
  • #2412 Update installation instructions


  • #2404 Avoid undefined offset on nuboot_radix/includes/ line 45
  • #2402 Update Drupal core to 7.57
  • #2375 Improvements to automated tests


  • #2377 Upgrade entity to 1.9


  • #2359 Upgrade filefield_sources to 1.11
  • #2341 Modifies curl settings so url headers and info can be properly acquired with curl
  • #2370 Patch features to add new line after <?php
  • #2346 Updated Help page; can add your company to listing
  • Remove out-dated file
  • #2345 Site Manager Monthly Maintenance checklist
  • #2347 Moving the “Adding New Content” page to main admin doc tree
  • #2321 Update @resource_all_09 scenario
  • #2327 Add results count to dkan admin views
  • #2337 Pin sphinx to 1.5.6
  • #2332 Remove redundant debug output


  • #2377 Upgrade entity to 1.9


  • #2359 Upgrade filefield_sources to 1.11
  • #2341 Modifies curl settings so url headers and info can be properly acquired with curl
  • #2370 Patch features to add new line after <?php
  • #2346 Updated Help page; can add your company to listing
  • Remove out-dated file
  • #2345 Site Manager Monthly Maintenance checklist
  • #2347 Moving the “Adding New Content” page to main admin doc tree
  • #2321 Update @resource_all_09 scenario
  • #2327 Add results count to dkan admin views
  • #2337 Pin sphinx to 1.5.6
  • #2332 Remove redundant debug output


  • #2280 Fix contextual filter on list_of_users_groups view
  • #2284 Change the default title for harvested resources to use the format value rather than url value
  • #2265 Fix hero background image setup
  • #2288 Use geojson icon for GeoJSON files in listings
  • #2283 Share MySQL Credentials With Docker Containers
  • #2273 Remove dkan_workflow_permissions dependency
  • #2275 Docker Proxy Config Updates
  • #2263 Fix harvest validation for accessLevel values
  • #2249 Change timezone handling to ‘none’ on temporal coverage field
  • #2103 Fixed field mapping defaults for open data schema APIs
  • #2237 Migration of CircleCI from V1 to V2


  • Added new module Token Tweaks to allow ui control of token recursion level in effort to help avoid memory issues with Token (see
  • #2208 Fix access to groups field when adding a resource inside the dataset form.
  • #2188 Move DKAN repository to GetDKAN organization in Github
  • #2033 Remove “author” facet from search page (generally never relevant information)
  • #2205 Update docs files with organization changes (NuCivic to GetDKAN)
  • #2206 Update autocomplete_deluxe, better_exposed_filters, file_entity, media, media_youtube, tablefield and views to latest version
  • #2189 #2190 Documentation updates (Add help, license, dkan sites pages. Update site manager guide. Update dkan README.)
  • #2186 Move the ‘back to dataset’ local task position so that the ‘revisions’ link position matches the standard location.
  • #1979 Allow users to set Groups on standalone resources.
  • #2151 Adding print styling so that images, table rows, and charts work with page breaks.
  • #2141 Exclude header search form from printed output
  • #2174 Fix access to revisions for anonymous users when dkan_workflow is enabled.
  • #2175 Removed video content from the About page. Removed or replaced references to Granicus.
  • #2075 DKAN Harvest: Modified batch process to split harvest migrations in chunks.
  • #2145 Front page hero image no longer requests empty URL if variable empty.
  • #2124 Add results count and increase results per page on the harvest dashboard view.
  • #2082 Add UI for generating ODSM file caches.
  • #2058 Improve messages displayed when creating a harvest source.
  • #2058 Fix harvest bug when filtering by a key that has 0 matches.
  • #2102 Hide toggle buttons inside preview embeds.
  • #1946 Fix Datastore API limit not applying consistently.
  • #2109 Fix ODSM language token to solve validation errors.
  • #2019 DKAN Workflow: Fix ‘My Drafts’ view to restore content to original user after rejection.
  • #1970 Adds topics to harvested datasets on migration.
  • #1975 Add landingPage to data.json feed.
  • #1967 Added search title to /search panels.
  • #1997 Recline.view.nvd3.js: Fixed tooltips that were not being displayed when using some percentage formats.
  • #1988 Count and delete resources on Harvest source deletion.
  • #1951 Fixed display of number of Groups a user belongs to on the user profile page.
  • #1968 Fixed “Reset” button on search page to also resets facets.
  • #1985 Add documentation for resource behavior on harvested datasets.
  • #1907 Added back TAB delimiter option for datastore imports.
  • #1955 Update ahoy docker tooling for local environment usecase.
  • #1903 Add support for tab-delimited files (TSV) in resources/recline preview.
  • #2001 Improve REST API documentation.
  • #1991 Fix host IP replacement on script used to recconect the MySQL container.
  • #1942 DevOps: Restore drush commands to deal with orphaned resources.
  • #1943 Update tests to be more compatible with client sites, multiple testing and devops improvements.
  • #1962 Recline.view.nvd3.js: Fixed display of data with zero as values.
  • #1888 Added validation on axis tick settings on visualization_entity.
  • #1725 Fix ahoy dkan uli output login link.
  • #1881 Fix yaml syntaxt to make it standard.
  • #1853 Update chart documentation.
  • #1839 Add help text and improve UI on the chart form for better clarity.
  • #1827 Remove option to import TABed CSV files into datastore.
  • #1807 Add admin_views module for enhanced content and file filtering.
  • #1990 DevOps: Automatically populate required fields when running behat tests.
  • #1938 DevOps: Allow behat tests to be skipped in circle.
  • #1842 Add help text to explain the pager on data previews.
  • #1542 Creates migration on harvest source import.

7.x-1.13.7 2017-08-22

  • #2064 Update entityreference to 1.15
  • #2061 Update views to 3.17
  • #2060 Update tests to adjust to client customizations.
  • #2060 Removed unused modules menu_token and remote_file_source from drupal-org.make

7.x-1.13.7 2017-08-22

  • #2064 Update entityreference to 1.15
  • #2061 Update views to 3.17
  • #2060 Update tests to adjust to client customizations.
  • #2060 Removed unused modules menu_token and remote_file_source from drupal-org.make

7.x-1.13.6 2017-07-28

  • #2036 Add file_resup to the list of up to date projects.
  • #2035 Change the ‘Datasets’ field on the Resource form to use autocomplete.
  • #2034 Add language selectors to the ‘chosen_jquery_selector’ configuration.
  • #2020 Module upgrades: fieldable_panels_panes, media, and search_api.
  • #2018 Additional test/devops improvements needed for deployment. See #2012, #2014, #2015 and #2016 for specifics.
  • #2025 Add configurable arguments via Behat Contexts.
  • #2021 Add unique tags to more test scenarios.

7.x-1.13.5 2017-07-14

  • #2003 Fix dkan_bueditor_markdown_install(), which was using a variable before it was initialized.
  • #2003 Fix to dkan_update_7016, which assumed the bueditor ID was always ‘5’ and failed when it was not.
  • #2003 Fix dkan_topics_field_formatter_view(), which does not check if a term exists before calling it by tid.
  • #2003 Make Harvest tests clean up after themselves more completely (resources, other nodes were not being cleared).
  • #2003 Fix issues with registering/deregistering and rolling back default content migrations on install/uninstall.
  • #2003 Fix dkan_migrate_base warning: wrong type supplied to foreach.
  • #1963 Allow Behat dkanExtension to handle custom fields via devel generate
  • #1938 Allow skipping of features test via config
  • #1970 Automatically populate required fields when running behat tests.

7.x-1.13.4 2017-06-30

  • #1983 Apply services security update 3.20 for DRUPAL-SA-CONTRIB-2017-054
  • #1877 Fix broken update that tries to migrate fields that may not exist (primarily due to Federal Extras upgrade)
  • #1960 Update field_group_table to 1.6
  • #1950 Update modules: chosen to 2.1, context to 3.7, date to 2.10, diff to 3.3, double_field to 2.5, entityreference to 1.4, menu_badges to 1.3, module_filter to 2.1, panels to 3.9, panopoly_widgets to 1.45, panopoly_images to 1.45, rules to 2.10, roleassign to 1.2, search_api to 1.21, search_api_db to 1.6, simple_gmap to 1.4, token to 1.7, uuid to 1.0, views_bulk_operations to 3.4, workbench_email to 3.12, drafty to 1.0-beta4, file_entity to 2.2, media to 2.8, media_youtube to 3.4, menu_token to 1.0-beta7, views to 3.16, field_group_table to 1.6, radix to 3.6 and file_resup to revision 6cf030c.
  • #1965 Update Drupal to 7.56.
  • #1925 Fix issues with remote_stream_wrapper and recline causing Harvest and Search API to fail on certain larger resources
  • #1916 Federal extras: Fix spelling of “Government” in group label.
  • #1939 Removed references to DKAN Demo files from PHPUnit tests.
  • #1932 Fix windows delimiter for datastore_fast_import.
  • #1906 Refactor datastore import to restore drush command (dsu).
  • #1898 Add validation to field data dictionary when strict POD validation is enabled.
  • #1920 Update Bureau codes for Open Data Federal Extras.
  • #1927 Fixed adding shapes to the spatial geographic coverage area field.
  • #1924 Fixed dkan_update_7012, if a site is still using a deprecated module, the data is not stripped from the db.
  • #1921 Drop the description label from the Harvest Source node view page.
  • #1912 Added ‘ahoy dkan unittests’ command.
  • #1917 Fixed ‘ahoy dkan reinstall’ command.
  • #1865 Removed old dkan_dataset_api module.
  • #1899 Override default error message on duplicate path aliases with more information.
  • NuCivic/visualization_entity#72 Switch to relative path for uploaded resources on visualization entity charts
  • #1836 Update language codes to use dashes rather than underscores for POD compliance.
  • #1836 Fix the POD and DCAT language output to use key values rather than label values.
  • #1891 Expose publishing options for content creators who do not belong to a group.
  • #1891 Disabled authoring information fields for content creators who do belong to a group.
  • #1901 Upgrade media module to 2.1
  • #1897 Fixed handling of dataset language setting to pass DCAT validation.
  • #1896 Fixed bug on open_data_schema_map: Multiple urls cause data.json describedBy field to be truncated.
  • #1890 Fixed the chosen widget exclusion settings to not apply to group search filters.
  • #1887 Removed unnecessary ‘Select’ button from the remote file input field on the resource form.
  • #1869 Add validation check on the API or Website URL field to require a full url.
  • #1883 Removed required status from the Rights field if the public access level is set to ‘none’.
  • #1871 Better handling of remote resources with BOM.
  • #1873 Fix dkan_workflow_permissions: Allow Workflow Contributors and Workflow Moderators to view stale drafts and Workflow Moderators to view stale reviews.
  • #1858 Fixed default panelizer setting for page node title.
  • #1874 Fix dkan_update_7013 to not use drush commands.
  • #1876 Removed hard coded colors in the menu.scss file.
  • #1825 Adapt the ‘dataQuality’ input value druing POD harvest.
  • #1817 Load empty cells as null in fast import.
  • #1846 Adds a hook_update to exclude the data dictionary field from using the markdown toolbar.
  • #1813 Update the groups page view to sort alphabetically rather than by post date.
  • NuCivic/recline#89 Only load previews for resources using files; API/website links should always display iframe.
  • #1841 Fixed mis-named function on dkan_dataset_content_types.api.php
  • #1814 Update dkan_workflow_permissions to rebuild permissions on enable/disable.
  • #1810 Stop throwing exception on tables with only numeric columns, to prevent preview breaking.
  • #1834 Use last day of year (December 31) for 4 digits end year during temporal POD field import.
  • #1832 Fallback to modified date for field_harvest_source_issued if not available during POD Harvest.
  • #1828 Field Frequency Harvest POD integration is missing support for “irregular” value.
  • #1820 Use “accessURL” during resources harvest if “downloadURL” field is not available.
  • #1852 Allow the use of multi-polygonal data for Dataset Spatial field.
  • #1857 Fixed publishing options not accessible when dkan_workflow is enabled.
  • #1932 Fix windows delimiter for datastore_fast_import.

7.x-1.13.3 2017-04-18

  • #1863 Update restws module to v2.7
  • #1859 Fixed update hooks to correctly set jquery version and remove old modified source date field
  • #1864 Update media to 2.0 and remove patch 2534724.
  • #1829 Fixed missing properties on warning message during datajson harvest cache.
  • #1802 Better support for Issued and Updated dataset properties from harvested sources.
  • #1821 Remove redundant CSS load in dkan_dataset.
  • #1726 Fixed broken links in search results to nodes without aliases
  • #1792 Remove Windows reserved characters from default content filenames for better Windows support
  • #1815 Support importing Temporal Coverage during POD Harvest.
  • #1785 Fix error messages when installing DKAN with the UI.
  • #1786 Remove horizontal tab field from the group content type, fix margin on group block.
  • #1786 Add hook to auto-assign editors the og administrator role.
  • #1752 Added option for using quote delimiters when fast import is enabled for dkan datastore. Fixed error message when an import fails on DKAN Datastore Fast Import.
  • #1703 Refactor Datastore API module, fixing some caching issues and improving joins
  • #1804 Add project = dkan to to fix errors on update screen.
  • #1811 Apply patches to the rules module that can prevent unnecessary DB lockouts.

7.x-1.13.2 2017-03-16

  • #1803 Fix broken access to featured groups sort order view.
  • #1796 Fix Harvest support for contact name and contact email.
  • #1795 Update front page test on topics.feature with @customizable.
  • #1783 Update services to 3.19
  • #1794 Update visualization_entity to 1.1
  • #1781 Update views to 3.15 and remove patch 1388684.
  • #1751 Add POD validation link to command center menu for site manager access.
  • #1762 Re-number update hooks that were mixed up during release integration.
  • #1709 Changed function dkan sitewide conversion homepage to fix problem with link entity attribute. This attribute need to be a boolean.
  • #1742 Fix home page HTML <head><title> so that it’s just the site name (not the node or panel title)
  • #1747 Update DKAN API link to use the RTD documentation page.
  • #1730 Fix logic error for front page in theme causing error messages on homepage
  • #1728 Added a tag @defaultHomepage to a topic test which relies on homepage content.
  • #5807 Fix panelizer permissions to hide ‘Customize Display’ button
  • #1744 Grant Site Manager role Harvest Dashboard actions.
  • #1776 Fix 500 errors when linking or uploading geojson files in resources.
  • #1767 Better handling of empty values by datastore_api. Also see NuCivic/feeds_flatstore_processor#9

7.x-1.13 2017-02-28

  • #1719 Added site details to settings nuboot_radix to allow change site name, slogan, e-amail address for site manager.
  • #1717 Upgrading Drupal to 7.54
  • #1705 Added css for chart visualizaitons, fixes issue in IE.
  • #1695 Upgrade better_exposed_filters to v3.4.
  • #1702 Update branding.
  • #1369 Added ReadTheDocs integrations and docs folder for centralized documentation
  • #1701 Renamed test files.
  • #1691 #1682 Update resource tests to work with client site variations.
  • #1694 Moved functions from FeatureContext to DKANExtension.
  • #1687 Added a function in dkan_sitewide to check if a specific page is the front page.
  • #1693 Improve module and user cleanup inside dkan workflow context after run tests
  • #1669 Update leaflet library to v1.0.2 and leaflet markercluster to v1.0.0. Unift leaflet libraries (was using a separate version for recline module)
  • #1684 Security update for autocomplete_deluxe
  • #1670 Upgraded to new 1.0 release of Visualization Entity module
  • #1663 Add install hook to DKAN Workflow to force a Features revert of dkan_sitewide_menu, to make sure Workflow links added correctly
  • #1348 Remove Panels IPE from dataset and search pages; in DKAN, we only want to show IPE for panelizer layouts, not templates or other “sitewide” pages.
  • #1046 Update user profile page search to be consistant with the rest of the site and moves user info to sidebar block.
  • #1096 Fixes typo in “add data story” link in command center menu
  • #1069 Add topic icons to the drop down menu
  • #1085 Renamed the default HTML text format to ‘Markdown HTML’
  • #1440 Improved markdown text editor toolbar
  • #1110 URLs on dataset’s additional info are now properly displayed as links.
  • #1130 Removed warnings about undefined permissions when visualization_entity_choropleth_bundle module is enabled.
  • #1130 Removed warnings about undefined permissions when visualization_entity_geojson_bundle module is enabled.
  • #1130 Removed specific visualization entity charts permissions from dkan_extension.
  • #1130 Added test feature to validate that users with Editor, Content Creator and Site Manager roles are not able to access to admin pages.
  • #1259 Default content was improved and now it’s generated based on fixtures.
  • #1152 Removed omega theme.
  • #1152 Removed delta module.
  • #1152 Moved Nuboot Radix theme into core build.
  • #1152 Change admin theme setting to use default theme rather than nuboot radix
  • #1221 Page content type added to panelizer and now defined in features, with in-place editor enabled for page content.
  • #1222 Page link added to the command center menu.
  • #1301 Added Open Data Federal Extras module into DKAN Core.
  • #1297 Fix for relative paths to ensure links still work when a site is installed into a subdirectory.
  • #1358 Removed field mapping warnings during import of default content.
  • #1376 Removed conditional_fields from dkan_topics.
  • #1387 Upgrade Features to 7.x-2.9
  • #1387 Make date facet use “day” granularity.
  • #1387 Remove ARC2 library.
  • #1439 Disable pathauto for content created using dkan_fixtures.
  • #1403 Removed warning message when try edit resource without dataset.
  • #1468 Added PHP Unit tests configurations to make them run on DKAN.
  • #1463 Added hook_uninstall to federal extra module for remove fields after uninstall module.
  • #1459 Removed redundant definition for CKAN package_list endpoint from open_data_schema_map_dkan, allowing that feature to be in default state after install.
  • #1456 Update ctools to version 1.10, which fixes some PHP7 incompatibilities
  • #1440 Added links to ODSM page and DCAT validation under Site Configuration in the command center menu
  • #1367 Update open data schema module to render a valid output passing validation (dcat and rdf).
  • Added upgrade hook to clean DB after removal of ‘conditional_fields’, ‘entity_rdf’, ‘rdfui’ and ‘rdfx’.
  • #1527 Added upgrade hook to remove deprecated test and theme directories.
  • #1537 Fixed popular tags view.
  • #1685 Moved front page search block from dkan_sitewide_demo_front to dkan_sitewide.
  • #1562 Fixed link to group page on group node teaser when site has clean urls disabled.
  • #1534 Added update hook to disable dkan_default_content on upgrades.
  • #1565 Updated visualization_entity.
  • #1556 Added fix to display the ‘Request membership’ link only to users that are logged in.
  • #1582 Remove content padding on data extent and social blocks.
  • #1606 Added DKAN Extension.
  • #1508 Upgrade workbench_moderation to v3.0.
  • #1595 Upgrade entity to 1.8
  • #1598 Upgrade manualcrop to 1.6
  • #1598 Upgrade markdown to 1.5
  • #1598 Upgrade panels to 3.8
  • #1592 Upgrade ctools to 1.12
  • #1592 Upgrade entityreference to 1.2
  • #1592 Upgrade libraries to 2.3
  • #1592 Upgrade services to 3.17
  • #1592 Upgrade simple_gmap to 1.3
  • #1592 Upgrade tablefield to 2.5
  • #1592 Upgrade entityreference_filter to 1.7
  • #1622 Upgrade fieldable_panels_panes to 1.11
  • #1596 Upgrade radix to 3.5
  • #1598 Upgrade search_api to 1.20
  • #1603 Upgrade media to 2.0-beta13
  • #1603 Upgrade panopoly_widgets to 1.41
  • #1603 Upgrade panopoly_images to 1.41
  • #1604 Upgrade file_entity to 2.0-beta3
  • #1605 Upgrade link_iframe_formatter to 1.1
  • #1654 Assign workflow supervisor role to site manager users when dkan workflow is enabled.
  • #1645 Switch to forked version of the spectrum library to address accessibility issues.
  • #1642 Removed eva module.
  • Fixed CSV column validation on visualization entity.
  • Fixed retrieve of version information on chroma.js.
  • #1678 Add patch to fix panopoly_widgets overrides OOB.
DKAN Datastore:
  • #1387 Added DKAN Datastore module into DKAN Core.
  • #1599 Greatly expand the datastore API to support aggregation functions, better joins, multiple queries. See dkan_datastore_api’s README file.
  • #1599 Fixed bugs when running the datastore via cron.
DKAN Harvest:
  • #1676 Harvested content is published even if dkan_workflow is enabled.
  • #1287 Added DKAN Harvest module into DKAN Core.
  • Added UI to add harvest sources
  • Added UI to manage harvest sources and datasets
  • #1446 Fix dkan harvest feature overridden after install.
  • #1440 Add link for site managers to create harvest source in command center menu.
  • #1472 Added Batch API on ‘Harvest now’ action.
  • #1482 Added Batch API on the ‘Preview’ page.
  • #1531 Added ‘Add Source’ shortcut on Harvest Dashboard pages.
  • #1531 Fixed breadcrumb on harvest sources pages: Preview, Manage Datasets, Events, Errors.
  • #1434 Fixed harvesting of resources with remote files with redirects.
  • #1588 Fix “Manage Datastore” tab leaking to the harvest source node.
  • #1588 Add icons for harvest source tabs.
  • #1634 Fixed the dataset count displayed on the harvest preview message.
  • #1640 Added support for –limit, –instruments, –skiphash and –idlist options on drush commands.
  • #1658 Fix 508 compliance errors on admin and node view pages.
  • #1650 Removed links to Harvest Source nodes from main menu.
  • #1672 Prevent harvest source machine name from containing forward slash character.
  • Improved PHP Unit tests.
  • #1468 Add support “Compound” fields on Filters/Overrides/Excludes/Default in DKAN Harvest.
  • #1488 Replace field notes by field body in harvest source content type.
DKAN Migrate Base:
  • #1387 Added DKAN Migrate Base module into DKAN Core.
  • #1462 Removed row from migration map table when a dataset is deleted.
DKAN Workflow:
  • Add patch for workbench_moderation to avoid php shutdown function errors.
  • #1690 Added patch for workbench_moderation: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() 2360973.
  • #1712 Added a filter in the workflow.feature to avoid issues for the amount of already existing nodes.
  • #1707 Isolate dkan workflow tests related to emails.#1069
  • #1715 Moved the update of the roleassign_roles variable from dkan_workflow_permissions to dkan_workflow.
  • #1677 Fixed panels-related bug where, if a dataset had both a “published” and “draft” version, the published would show in the draft tab.
  • #1438 Updated DKAN workflow vbo customizations to not affect other vbo forms.
  • #1481 Updated workbench_email from 3.9 to 3.11
  • #1667 Fixed admin menu source when dkan_workflow is enabled.
  • #1663 Moved workbench links from dkan_sitewide_menu to dkan_workflow.
DKAN Dataset:
  • #1696 Disable/uninstall dkan_dataset_api if enabled because it is deprecated in favor open_data_schema_map.
  • Leaflet draw widget usability improvements
  • #1636 Fix validation on resource forms when multiple resource type fields are populated
  • #1626 Fix 508 compliance issues for leafleat draw widget
  • #1387 Added DKAN Dataset module into DKAN Core.
  • #1589 Fix geofield map button toggle function.
  • #1345 Added default image for groups.
  • #1377 Add preview support for resources of many more formats, outside of recline.js. Support added for JSON, geojson, XML, ArcGIS REST, WMS, images, PDF, ZIP
  • #1377 Fix bugs in resource mimetypes and previews.
  • Add more frequency update options to the dataset creation form
  • #1301 Groups field on Dataset form was modified to be a single select with all group options and it was moved from the tabs section to the main section of the form.
  • #1301 Groups field was hidden on the resource form since groups are assigned automatically based on the parent datasets.
  • #1301 Moved and renamed the following fields from ODFE to DKAN Core: field_is_part_of, field_data_dictionary_type, field_landing_page, field_pod_theme, field_conforms_to, field_rights, field_language.
  • #1301 Added hook updates to handle the renaming of the old ODFE fields removing the ‘odfe’ namespacing.
  • #1301 Added hook update to migrate the content from field_odfe_category to field_pod_theme on Datasets.
  • #1301 Added new option on DKAN Dataset Forms to enable POD based validation on Dataset form.
  • #1301 Added new option on DKAN Dataset Forms to enable Groups field validation on Dataset form.
  • #1280 Fixes to groups UX: Group body field now labeled “Description,” longer group descriptions do not get cut off after 200 characters on group page, and extraneous “about” tab on Group node edit form removed
  • Add new “modified date” field, hidden in form, to datasets. This is for dkan_harvest compatibility; saves sources dates into a separate field so they aren’t affected by node changes. ODSM mappings also updated.
  • Fix keywords/tags creating broken links when containing spaces, and add missing keywords to default content.
  • #1477 Fix ODSM permissions for non-admin roles.
  • #1532 Fixed text on ‘Download All’ button to not display HTML.
  • #1570 Removed ‘Back to dataset’ button on standalone resources.
  • Better support of downloading remote files from the resource view page “Download” button.
  • #1553 Removed warning when a resource is created without title.
  • #1591 Add limit to proxy resources.
  • #1576 Improved download of remote files.
  • #1670 Fix 508 compliance issues for visualization_entity_charts.
  • #1669 Fix 508 compliance issues for leaflet draw widget.
  • #1434 Add patch to remote_stream_wrapper to fix memory exhausted errors.
  • #1652 Renamed ‘filefield_remotefile’ as ‘filefield_dkan_remotefile’.
  • #1671 Add patch to field_group to avoid DOM-based cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.
DKAN Topics:
  • #1159 Added a test for creating a topic term.
  • #1486 Make the icon field required if the icon type is set to ‘font’.
  • #1656 Fix topics icon selector functionality.

7.x-1.12.13 2017-01-04

  • Fix broken recline (resource CSV) preview embeds caused by how recline module loads bootstrap
  • Fix publisher token in open_data_schema_map_dkan - was showing only URL rather than publisher name
  • Add patch to remote_stream_wrapper to avoid memory exhausted on big files.

7.x-1.12.12 2016-12-15

  • Start caching recline “embed” pages (previews rendered with no headers/sidebars for iframe) (recline module)
  • Upgrade Drupal core to 7.52
  • Update ctools to 1.11
  • Fix link to group page on group node teaser when site has clean urls disabled
  • Fix “format” facet collapsed even when selected on the search page.
  • Fix resources not synced with datasets when upgrade from 1.11
  • Update media to 2.0-beta13
  • Fix hidden body field on page content type
  • Improve access check/security on datastore pages - unauthorized users could perform certain datastore functions
  • Use dashes in links to tags to avoid “page not found” errors
DKAN Datastore:
  • Add limit to proxy resources.
  • Better support of downloading remote files from the resource view page “Download” button.

7.x-1.12.11 2016-10-20

  • Fixed a bug in Recline regarding file objects and node forms that caused errors when using the “view changes” button on Dataset or Resource edit form
  • Center group images in “Groups” page and group node page sidebar
  • Add “2x” “3x” etc to datset teasers when more than one resource of a particular format present.
  • Update the default jquery library setting from 1.7 to 1.10
  • Fix topics menu and facet links if special characters are used in topic terms.
  • Fixed dataset form redirect when validation fails, was sending user to node/add/dataset rather than node/%/edit
  • Patch fontyourface to remove <div> from the “standard text” selector, to prevent unpredictable results from this option
  • Fixed issue in open_data_schema_map with “Data Dictionary” field not displaying URL in data.json file

7.x-1.12.10 2016-09-07

  • Fix JS error on IE browsers preventing previews from appearing
  • Provide upgrade paths for older sites upgrading to newer BU editor config

7.x-1-12.9 2016-08-31

  • Fix data dictionary field to use html input format and improvements to the field’s display and help text.
  • Update dkan_workflow content type legend to include all content types with correct icons.
  • Fix to new bug introduced in recline module in 1.12.7; previews would not display if file smaller than max preview size, even if loading from datastore.
  • Fix a problem with paths for image icons for topics. Uploaded image icons will now display correctly in the Topics menu.

7.x-1.12.8 2016-08-19

  • Patch panelizer module to correct bug introduced in previous release. See release notes for details.
  • Add validation to Group form to prevent duplicate groups from being created
  • Update and patch panels and panelizer to fix critical security issue. See release notes.
  • Patch panelizer module to correct bug introduced in previous release. See release notes.

7.x-1-12.7 2016-08-09

  • Update contrib modules uuid, services, manualcrop, markdown, panelizer, panopoly_widgets, panopoly_images
  • Fix bug that produced a “Cannot use a scalar value” error when trying to add a content pane to a data story node in panels.
  • Change theming on resource to remove iframe to “API or link URL” if remote file field also populated
  • Update options in Dataset “frequency” field to reflect standards for DCAT and Project Open Data
  • Provide “data proxy” to serve remote CSVs through local domain and resolve cross-origin issues with previews n these resources
  • Some changes to the Resource node form to improve UX of links and file attachments, especially by replacing the label “Link to an API” to “API or Website URL”
  • Fix bug on relative paths for links in theme template files.
  • Fix minor typo in DKAN topics menu link

7.x-1.12.6 2016-07-26

  • Sanitize theme output for facets to avoid any security issue from search input
  • Fix a potential XSS vulnerability in search facets by adding some validation hooks for facet input
  • Theme updates back ported from dev branch, including topics icons in topics drop-down menu
  • Add RoleAssign module, update DKAN Permissions to give site managers permission to assign roles.
  • Make links and emails in metadata pages clickable

7.x-1.12.5 2016-07-13

  • Update restws to 7.x-2.6 (critical security update)
  • Update to latest version of recline.js to fix map tiles (Mapquest discontinued open access)
  • Upgrade Drupal core to 7.50

7.x-1.12.4 2016-07-12

  • Update permissions in DKAN Permissions module to allow anonymous users to access RDF endpoints for individual datasets.

7.x-1.12.3 2016-06-30

  • Open Data Schema Map update: improves performance of package_show endpoint
  • Point to new release of visualization entity, which cleans up some make files and brings visualization_entity_charts into the same project repository.
  • Fix editor permissions to allow access to visualizations list from admin menu
  • Upgrade Views to 7.14
  • Upgrade Drupal core to 7.44
  • Add <br><h2><h3><center><iframe> to allowed html tags
  • Renamed the default HTML text format to ‘Markdown HTML’
  • Improved markdown text editor toolbar
  • Stories main menu link removed from stories view
  • Groups main menu link removed from page manager groups page config
  • Main menu links added on install function rather than through features
  • Add body field to data_dashboard content types
  • Front page page manager config moved to the dkan_sitewide_demo_front feature
  • Front page group views moved to the dkan_dataset_groups feature
  • Add dkan_ipe feature to simplify the in-place editor interface, includes addition of the panels_curator module

7.x-1.12.2 2016-06-09

  • Fix problems in visualization entity charts creation due to version of CSV.js referenced in recline.make

7.x-1.12.1 2016-06-07

  • New version of Visualization Entity Charts fixes a number of UI bugs and restores support for Google Sheets and Data Proxy
  • Fix XSS vulnerability by adding sanitization for titles on workbench view
  • Upgrade of: Colorizer, Admin Menu Source, Honey Pot, Panopoly Widgets, Panopoly Images, Pathauto, Rules, Restws, Manual Crop, Image Cache Actions, Features, Search API, Organic Groups, Chosen, Date, Entity, Facet API, Facet API Bonus, Facet API Pretty Paths, UUID, Views, Select or other, Remote Stream Wrapper, Link, Libraries, Beauty Tips, Gravatar, OG Extras, Services and Workbench Email.
  • Upgrade of Panopoly Widgets, Panopoly Images and Fieldable Panels Panes.
  • Patch colorfield module to avoid incorrect status error. See

7.x-1.12 2016-04-20

  • Fixed regex used to rewrite font file paths on Dkan Topics, which was breaking filepaths in data.json
  • Rename dkan_featured_topics to dkan_topics before release
  • Add “data dashboard” creation link to user admin menu (in dkan_sitewide_menu)
  • Patch DKAN core file module to fix managed file problem
  • Standardize facet titles between user, search and group pages
  • Add dkan_featured_topics module and relevant updates to dkan_dataset and nuboot_radix
  • Upgrade Drupal core to 7.43
  • Enable pretty paths for search page
  • Change search page path from /dataset to /search and redirect /dataset to /search for backward compatibility
  • Add big file upload support through file_resup module
  • Add support to import big files using mysql statement load data infile
  • Added Dkan Workflow module
  • Upgrade Fieldable Panels Panes to 1.8
  • Added hook_update to remove ‘Add Dataset’ and ‘Datasets’ links from main menu. The ‘Datasets’ link is now added by the dkan_sitewide_search_db feature.
  • Removed ‘taxonomy_menu_vocab_parent_dkan_topics’ variable from info file to get the ‘DKAN Featured Topics’ feature back into ‘Default’ state.
  • Upgrade of Panopoly Widgets, Panopoly Images and Fieldable Panels Panes.

7.x-1.12 2016-04-01

  • Add update function enable field_hidden module
NuBoot Radix Theme:
  • Add managed file support to logo and hero image
  • Add check on filenames to remove spaces and special characters that can break functionality.
  • Make date facets consistent with other facets styling
  • Upgraded to use Radix 3.3.
  • Fix node–search-result.tpl.php file to check the $group_list variable before printing markup

7.x-1.11 2016-02-02

DKAN Dataset:
  • Fix some bugs breaking the resource links on dataset pages
  • Re-arranged group links on group landing pages; membership links now in sidebar rather than tabs
  • For long fields in the “additional info” custom metadata table on dataset pages, limit the row height for fields displaying extremely long text values
  • Add a list of related visualizations (if using the [Visualization Entity]( module) to resource pages
  • Move group-level permission export into new dkan_dataset_groups_perms module
  • Fixed counting of datasets, broken when a dataset belongs to more than one group
  • Hide “add resource” button on datasets from users who do not have permission to do so
  • Numerous small improvements and bug fixes
NuBoot Radix Theme:
  • Theming improvements to support new search page design
  • Fix the Additional Info field in datasets to hide extra-long rows
  • Fix a bug that prevented sub-themes of Nuboot Radix from retrieving their own settings
  • Styling for re-arranging of group links on group pages DKAN Dataset
  • Numerous small styling and code fixes

7.x-1.11 2016-02-01

  • Re-designed dataset/search page. “Datasets” link on default menu bar now goes to a page that lets you browse and search all site content, not just datasets, but does filter by dataset. Search box will search all content by default. See note below.
  • Add new dkan_permissions module, refactoring default roles and permissions and using new export method. See note below.
  • Moved group permissions from old dkan_sitewide_roles_perms into new dkan_dataset_groups_perms
  • Patch fontyourface module to make font changes happen instantly
  • Fix adminrole implementation to avoid warning on install
  • Fix (again) a bug that would make colorizer styles disappear after running “poor man’s cron”
  • Add to resource node page a list of visualizations built with that resource
  • Number of contrib module updates
  • Change the view of groups to show 12 instead of 10 nodes per page, to fit with the layout of three per line
  • Patch the FacetAPI module to avoid a cross-site scripting vulnerability
  • Add integration with ProboCI ( for QA builds
  • Fix a bug that showed an extra pager on the group page
  • Major refactor of Behat tests, including introduction of new [DKAN extension](
  • Improve layout/ordering of blocks in the sidebar for dataset pages
  • Improvement in the UX of user pictures, including Gravatar integration
  • Numerous other small improvements and bugfixes

Notice: Avoiding PHP errors after upgrade

In some cases, changes to the codebase may cause PHP errors when the Drupal bootstrap process looks for a file that no longer exists. As always, backing up your db before upgrading is recommended. In addition, if you get to a state in which Drupal will not bootstrap successfully due to an issue with views_autocomplete_filters, try some combination of:

$ drush sql-query ‘DELETE FROM registry WHERE filename LIKE “”’; $ drush cc all $ drush rr

Search page redesign

This release of DKAN includes a redesigned search page, which is also the page used to browse datasets. This redesign required some changes to the included search indexes. Use the following drush commands to rebuild your search indexes, or go to admin/config/search/search_api/index/datasets and disable, re-enable and re-index the _datasets_ search index.

$ drush search-api-disable datasets -y $ drush search-api-enable datasets -y $ drush sapi-r -y $ drush sapi-i -y

Permissions/roles upgrade

As mentioned above, this release includes a new module called DKAN Permissions (dkan_permissions), which is meant to replace the old DKAN Sitewide Roles and Permissions (dkan_sitewide_roles_perms). New installs of DKAN will enable this module and ignore the old one, while existing sites will see no change (but are recommended to upgrade). See more information in the module’s README file.

The command line method, including deleting the now-deprecated “storyteller” role, would look like this:

$ drush dis dkan_sitewide_roles_perms -y $ drush rdel ‘storyteller’ $ drush en dkan_permissions -y $ drush fra -y $ drush fr dkan_permissions -y

Group-level permissions have been moved to DKAN Dataset Groups Permissions. To start using them, enable the new module, and revert it using Features. Do this via the UI or on the command line with Drush:

$ drush en dkan_dataset_groups_perms -y $ drush fr dkan_dataset_groups_perms -y

DKAN Dataset:
  • See the DKAN Dataset release notes for 7.x-1.11 for notes specific to the DKAN Dataset module.

7.x-1.10 2015-11-10

DKAN Distribution:
  • A number of improvements to our test infrastructure
  • Improved user experience for user photos and Gravatar image fallback
  • Improvements to views on group pages
  • Enabled and improved UX of tools for adding existing visualizations directly into panels layouts
  • Fixed an extremely annoying bug in the Colorizer module that blew away colorizer CSS every time Drupal cron ran (sites using external/system cron were unaffected)
  • Added better HTTPS by loading certain external images over HTTPS
  • Upgraded to Drupal version 7.x-1.41
  • Added a file to provide community contribution guidelines for DKAN project.
DKAN Dataset Module:
  • NOTE: 7.x-1.10 Was re-released on 2015-11-18 to address bugs in the teaser preview links.
  • Various improvements to dataset teaser displays.
  • Support for external previews (opening catalogued resources instantly in third-party visualization services, * including ArcGIS and CartoDB)
  • Support for Flaticon at module level, so vector icons work on any theme
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes
DKAN Datastore:
  • Upgrade Feeds module to latest dev version
NuBoot Radix Theme:
  • Style improvements for “open with” button
  • Fix default logo path when svg not available

7.x-1.9 2015-09-17

  • Added “Data Dashboards” and “Data Stories” content types with customizable layouts
  • Added Panopoly Widgets for use in Dashboards, Stories, the front page and panel pages
  • Added new custom DKAN widgets for use on panel pages
  • The Visualization Entity module, along with the additional Charts bundle, are now included in DKAN core
  • Added a “command center” to the user’s own profile page to more easily find common functions
  • @font-your-face module added w/configuration for easier font admin
  • Multiple security updates and other contrib module and theme updates.
  • Drupal now on version 7.39.
  • Many bug fixes and code cleanups
  • See release notes for nuboot_radix theme and individual DKAN modules for additional release notes
NuBoot Radix Theme:
  • Add support for SVG logos
  • New option to use solid color for background/hero graphic instead of image
  • Improved Colorizer support for different page elements
  • Numerous bug fixes and small styling improvements
DKAN Datastore:
DKAN Dataset:
  • Fixed issues around the group/publisher field in search indexes and facets
  • When multiple resources are available for a dataset, new option to download all as zip file
  • Improvements for resource display in dataset pages and teasers
  • New hooks to allow additional license options
  • Numerous small improvements and bugfixes

Search API Database upgrade issue

This release updates the Search API DB module, which, if you are using the database backend, may break your search indexes, resulting in either a) nothing, or b) all nodes regardless of type on your search/datasets pages.

To fix, follow these steps after updating your database:

  1. Go to /admin/config/search/search_api/index/datasets/edit to edit the database node index
  2. Set the Server to “< No Server >” and Save. Your index will now show as “disabled.”
  3. Edit it again (by clicking “Edit” next to “Database Node Index”) and set the Server back to “Database Server” and Save.
  4. Click the “enable” link while viewing the resulting page, or edit the index again and check the “Enabled” box.
  5. Once the index is enabled, you should see “0/[total] Indexed” on the index page. Click “Index Now” at the bottom of the page to re-index all your datasets.
  6. Repeat for any other indexes you have running on a database server.

This issue has been identified and documented for other Drupal distributions using Search API. See release notes for the Panopoly ( and OpenAtrium ( distros on

7.x-1.8 2015-04-02

  • Drupal core update to 7.36
  • Some tweaks to display properly drupal admin pages using nuboot_radix
  • Removed unnecessary drupal warning messages (colorizer, updates, etc)
  • Tweaks to behat tests
  • Security updates for contrib modules
  • DKAN_Datastore: Adding CRUD functions to class
  • DKAN_Datastore: Adding drush interface to CRUD functions in order to create instances from the cli
DKAN Dataset:
  • Several recline.js tweaks
  • Updated open_data_schema_map to include module that allows to hook your own custom output formatters (xml example included)
  • Security updates for contrib modules

7.x-1.7 2015-02-20

DKAN Dataset:

7.x-1.6 2014-11-20

  • core update to 7.34
  • fix issues with javascript in behat tests
  • freezing behat drupal extension to 1.0.2
  • dkan_sitewide modules now report to github
  • Fix services module reference at dkan_datastore.make file
DKAN Dataset:
  • Creating taxonomies during setup test
  • Updating ref_field patch
  • Replacing dkan_dataset_api with open_data_schema_map

7.x-1.5 2014-10-15

  • Drupal core security update. Upgrades to 7.32

7.x-1.4 2014-10-10

  • Replaced tid hardcoding during profile install with proper taxonomy_vocabulary_machine_name_load
  • Removed duplicates in dkan.make already present in dkan_dataset.make
  • Footer branding updated
  • Editable dkan blocks
  • Sort on search
  • New rebuild script to keep dkan updated on custom installs
  • Many warnings fixed with proper isset calls
  • Added dkan_datastore_api_count implementation
  • Optimisations on GET parameters processing
DKAN Dataset:
  • Many warnings fixed with proper isset calls
  • Changes in make file (fixed versions on some components)
  • Additional Info block on dataset page
  • Added docx as allowed format for field_upload

7.x-1.3 2014-09-25

  • Issue #192 drupal security update

7.x-1.2 2014-07-18

  • Issue #184 drupal security update
  • Updating makefile back to 7.x-1.x state
    • 1.1 Release commit + changing git urls with https urls in order to travis to not fail during make
  • Changing git protocol to https for dkan_dataset, dkan_datastore and nuboot in order for travis build to success
  • Issue #166 updating nuboot for iframe link theme
  • Update fixed #150
  • Update
  • Updating nuams references to NuCivic
  • Updating nuams references to NuCivic
  • Updating nuams references to Nucivic
  • Updating nuams references to NuCivic
  • Updating nuams references to NuCivic
  • Updating drupal-org.make to point to Nucivic
  • Updating drupal-org-dev.make to point to NuCivic
  • Moving to using URLs for make file instead of copying locally
  • Fixes issue #112: “downloald” typo in drupal-org.make
  • Changed ‘The goal of the project combine...’ to ‘The goal of the project is to combine...’
  • Update .travis.yml
  • Adding information about google group
  • Adding key to drupal core to play nice with buildmanager
  • adding multi channel notifications for dkan
  • adding slack integration for travis
  • Update to make files
NuBoot Radix Theme:

7.x-1.1 2013-06-27

  • Moved dkan development to Nucivic’s github:
  • Grabbing dkan_dataset.make and dkan_datastore.make fiels from github cdn
  • Several bugs fixed.
  • Moving to using URLs for make file instead of copying locally #160
  • Issue nuams/dkan#112: “downloald” typo in drupal-org.make #159
  • Fixing #151: Admin role defaults to “Editor” #158
  • Fix typo on About page #156
  • Using hook_post_features_revert() for setting user_admin_role. #145
  • Issue nuams/dkan#138 update recline in dkan_dataset.make to fix negative lat/lon #135
  • Update to make files #131
  • POD changes #128
  • Issue #108 Add default email address for sample content #126
  • Fix license block #123
  • Issue #111 Fix facetapi_pretty_paths makefile definition #97
  • Update drupal-org.make #84
DKAN Dataset:
  • Change references to NuCivic organization on github
  • Several bug fixes
  • Some changes for Project Open Data compliance, including data.json self-reference
nüBoot Theme:
  • Styles for resource download button
  • Change nuams references to NuCivic to reflect branding changes
  • Left floating resource list
  • Improve colorizer functionality

7.x-1.0 2014-04-29

7.x-1.0-beta 2013-09-30

  • First tagged release. Further tags will include a changelog.