DKAN 1.10 Release Notes

Check out what’s new in the latest version of DKAN 7.x-1.10! Have questions or thoughts? Let us know on our public DKAN Repo with issues or chat with us in our Gitter room.

DKAN Distribution

  • A number of improvements to our test infrastructure
  • Improved user experience for user photos and Gravatar image fallback
  • Improvements to views on group pages
  • Enabled and improved UX of tools for adding existing visualizations directly into panels layouts
  • Fixed an extremely annoying bug in the Colorizer module that blew away colorizer CSS every time Drupal cron ran (sites using external/system cron were unaffected)
  • Added better HTTPS by loading certain external images over HTTPS
  • Upgraded to Drupal version 7.x-1.41
  • Added a file to provide community contribution guidelines for DKAN project.

DKAN Dataset Module

  • Various improvements to dataset teaser displays.
  • Support for external previews (opening catalogued resources instantly in third-party visualization services, * including ArcGIS and CartoDB)
  • Support for Flaticon at module level, so vector icons work on any theme
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

NuBoot Radix Theme

  • Style improvements for “open with” button
  • Fix default logo path when svg not available