DKAN 1.17 Release notes

What’s new

PHP 7.2 Support

DKAN code and all contrib modules have been updated to be compatible with PHP 7.2.

DKAN Periodic Updates

The DKAN Periodic Updates module provides automated datastore updates on existing resources on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. If you have resources that change often and need the data to be re-imported to the datastore on a regular basis this feature is for you. It is included with DKAN core but will not be enabled by default. Consult the documentation on how to set up and configure.

Miscellaneous improvements

This release includes updates and bug fixes to DKAN Workflow, Open Data Schema Mapper, and accessibility compliance.

The decommissioning of Feeds

The 7.x-1.16 release introduced a refactored DKAN Datastore that no longer relied the feeds module. In this release we are disabling feeds and its companion modules so that in the next release they can be completely removed from the code base.

If you have custom code:

  • If you are NOT using feeds, feeds_field_fetcher, or feeds_flatstore_processor in your custom code, you can proceed with the upgrade without additional preparations.

  • If you DO use feeds, feeds_field_fetcher, or feeds_flatstore_processor in your custom code:

    ⚠️ This release disables and uninstalls the feeds module. If you are using feeds on your site outside of the DKAN open data operations, be sure to backup your database. Comment out the update hook dkan_update_7035. You will also need to create custom permissions to assign permissions for these modules to your user roles.

Manual Deployment steps

  • drush rr

  • drush updb -y

  • drush cc all

  • ℹ️ As part of the update hook dkan_update_7035 all feeds related modules are disabled so it is possible that the next time you log in to your site you get a message stating that “The content access permissions need to be rebuilt”, if that’s the case you can proceed safely to execute the rebuild process.


  • #2956 Update new WCAG-compliant default theme colors to be consistent across the site.
  • #2957 Update frequency values on default content files.
  • #2954 Update contrib modules, adjust DKAN code to support PHP 7.2
  • #2951 Update default greetings on workbench email templates.
  • #2908 Add DKAN Periodic Updates module
  • #2804 Disable and uninstall feeds, feeds_flatstore_processor, and feeds_field_fetcher modules
  • #2945 Upgrade imagecache_actions to 1.11
  • #2944 Specify behavior on dkan_workflow moderation set state action to avoid extra node_save.
  • #2943 Add documentation for DKAN Feedback
  • #2940 Update Open Data Schema Map to 7.x-2.4
  • #2935 Add documentation for DKAN custom solr
  • #2931 Add patch for NULL controller class
  • #2921 Fix gaps in WCAG compliance