DKAN 1.12 Release Notes

Check out what’s new in the latest version of DKAN 7.x-1.12! Have questions or thoughts? Let us know on our public DKAN Repo with issues or chat with us in our Gitter room.

New Features and Enhancements

New DKAN Workflow Module

DKAN Workflow is a new module that ships with DKAN but is not enabled by default. Once the module is enabled, DKAN Workflow creates an editorial publishing workflow on DKAN for moderating content. Within this module is a secondary set of permissions and roles layered on core DKAN roles and permissions. This module can be very useful to establish more controls among large teams managing content.

Read more about Workflow in the main DKAN Documentation.

Large File Support and Fast Import

Through the file_resup module we’ve added the ability to support large file uploads on DKAN. There are no limits technically imposed by the software, but file sizes limited up to few gigabytes will produce the best results. For large files, we also added a mySQL statement to quickly import the files into the DKAN datastore. We’re calling this DKAN Data Datastore Fast Import module and it appears as such in the module configuration on DKAN. The module is disabled by default, and must be enabled and then configured to be utilized in DKAN. OOB DKAN defaults to using the Drupal file importer that also processes the data (better for smaller files). In configuration, the mySQL statement may replace the Drupal file importer or appear as an additional option for importing a file into the DKAN Datastore. Rather than processing the data, the mySQL statement favors a faster load time by importing directly to a mySQL database.

Large file support also makes for a more robust DKAN Datastore API. Files imported into the DKAN Datastore are included in the public DKAN Datastore API.


DKAN Topics is a new module added into DKAN core with the 7.x-1.12 release. Topics are preset by an administrator that reflect the areas of interest to the target audience. Topics are configured by default to appear as a panel on the homepage of a DKAN site.

In DKAN, Topics are a taxonomy with a vocabulary (also set by the admin) and can be associated to datasets by lower-access users as they contribute data to DKAN. Additionally admins can set which icons may or may not be used within a font set for Topics by other users. OOB DKAN includes a font set of over 100 icons to choose from, and new font sets can easily be added. Alternatively, images may be uploaded for Topics icons.

Minor Upgrades and Improvements

  • Changed UI of DKAN Charts to include “Tick Values” “Step” and “Goal” line in chart. This gives users added functionality in what they can do with Charts. The UI is also more organized to tell users how the options affect which parts of the Charts.
  • Upgrade Drupal core to 7.43 to fix security vulnerabilities.
  • Security update for Features
  • Security update for Fieldable Panels Panes
  • Move permissions dependency of from features_roles_permissions to dkan_permissions module.
  • Remove export of administrator permissions when new modules are enabled, so that dkan_permissions does not appear as overridden. With the admin_role module, admin roles automatically receive permissions for modules as they are enabled. By removing the export of administrator permissions, overrides will only appear when true changes to the dkan_permissions module have been made.

User experience improvements

  • Enable Pretty Paths Facet API to make URL paths on DKAN pages human-readable and SEO optimized. This module is combined with the Drupal Search API module.
  • With the new search page redesign in DKAN 7.x-1.11, this release includes optimized search functionality. Previously only datasets were displayed in search results; in version 1.12 all content appears in search results. The /search path will lead to the main search page and the /dataset page will redirect to the /search?type=dataset for backward compatibility, pre-filtered for dataset content search results.
  • The dkan_sitewide_profile_page module was removed and new code added to existing modules (detailed documentation as code comments). With the removal of this module, the DKAN command center no longer exists and profiles of any user role appear the same.
  • A “Data dashboard” creation link was added on user admin menu.
  • Facet titles between user, search and group pages were standarized.

Patches and Bug Fixes

  • Added permission to allow anonymous users to see any piece of content created with the visualization entity module such charts and maps.
  • Created patch to solve bug that kept fonts enabled after being turned off.
  • Fixed regex used to rewrite font file paths on Dkan Topics, which was breaking filepaths in data.json.

Upgrade Notes

If you upgrade an existing site to 7.x-1.12 and enable DKAN Topics, you may encounter issues with your search index. For troubleshooting tips, see the DKAN Topics Readme.

Upgrade instructions

  1. drush updatedb -y
  2. drush en dkan_featured_topics -y
  3. Enable ‘field_topics’ on dataset index (admin/config/search/search_api/index/datasets/fields)
  4. drush fr dkan_sitewide_search_db -y
  5. drush sapi-c datasets
  6. drush sapi-r datasets
  7. drush sapi-i datasets
  8. drush fra -y
  9. Remove the ‘Add Dataset’ link from main menu
  10. Remove the ‘Datasets’ link from main menu that point to the old /dataset url for search
  11. drush rr