DKAN 1.13.4

This is a “patch” release of DKAN, containing bug fixes and minor updates, but adding no new functionality.

Improvements in this release

The 1.13.4 release of DKAN contains a very large number of minor fixes. For a full list check the CHANGELOG. Noteable improvements include:

  • Some logic concerning when previews were rendered for resources has been simplified. DKAN will now attempt to render a preview for any resource that contains an uploaded or remote file. No API or Website URL links in resources will be previewed other than with an iframe to the URL. Note that in some cases, resources that previously did have Recline previews may now simply display an iframe to the remote resource.
  • Relatedly, various issues with previews for resources hosted on external domains have been addressed.
  • Publishing options (“draft,” “published” etc) were not available when the Workflow module was enabled. This has been fixed.
  • A bug where data previews broke when a resource contained only numeric data has been fixed.
  • A number of Workflow permissions issues have been resolved, allowing users to access “stale drafts” and other data that had been hidden.
  • The groups page now lists groups alphabetically rather than by create date.
  • Fixed the output for “language” in Project Open Data and DCAT to be standards-compliant.
  • Fixed issues with how timestamps are applied to harvested datasets. See below for details.
  • An existing hook_update function that upgraded from a previous version of the Open Data Federal Extras module has been fixed to not fail when the fields are not present.
  • The drush dsu command, to update a datastore from a local file, was broken and has been restored.
  • Windows line endings are now supported on Datastore “fast imports”
  • Several issues causing the Harvester to break on large harvests have been fixed. Remote files on servers (like Socrata) that will not supply a HEAD request are briefly stored on disk instead of in memory to obtain metadata such as filesize. Also, resource previews are no longer rendered for purposes of indexing for Search API, which was causing indexing at the end of a large harvest to fail.
  • Drupal core was updated to 7.56 and many contrib modules were updated to their latest stable version.

Special Notes

  • Previous versions of DKAN provided a field “Modified Source Date” (machine name field_modified_source_date) to store Project Open Data’s “modified” property. The way we capture sources’ modified and issued properties has since been revamped (see #1802), and an update function was needed to remove the old field. However, previous versions had put hook_update functions in the wrong order and some sites did not recieve the change when updating. This release should clear up those remaining issues on sites that still have the field_modified_source_date field.