DKAN 1.12.9 Release Notes

This is a “patch” release of DKAN, containing bug fixes and minor updates to DKAN 7.x-1.12, but adding no new functionality. Upgrading should be straightforward.

Improvements in this release

  • Fix to a bug introduced in the Recline module in 1.12.7. Previews were not displaying if the resource file was smaller than max preview size, even if loading the resource from datastore.
  • Fix a problem with paths for image icons for topics. Uploaded image icons will now display correctly in the Topics menu.
  • Fixed the “data dictionary” field to use HTML input format. This field, at least in U.S. Project Open Data, is really intended to have only URL values, and using HTML ensures that links will be clickable. Also made improvements to the field’s display and help text.
  • Updated the DKAN Workflow content type legend to include all content types with correct icons. This is mostly to prepare for future content types’ inclusion in Workflow but also to support sites that already have additional content types in Workflow.