DKAN 1.13.5

This is a “patch” release of DKAN, containing bug fixes and minor updates, but adding no new functionality.

Improvements in this release

This is a small release adressing some minor issues in 1.13.4. The only significant change is the addition of the devel module to DKAN core. The devel module is used by almost all Drupal developers to debug, test expiremental code, generate dummy content, and perform other developer tasks. DKAN developers are constantly adding the devel module after building DKAN, and a new set of Behat scenarios added to the test suite need to make use of the dummy content generation functions to pass.

The devel module and its submodules will be disabled by default in DKAN however, and should only be enabled in development environments. Enabling devel in production should be considered a security risk.

All other improvements are minor issues related to installation and tests that arose during deployments of DKAN 1.13.4. Check the CHANGELOG and Pull Request #2003 where most of these changes are captured.