DKAN 1.12.3 Release Notes

Special note: This release contains security updates and should be applied immediately.

This is a “patch” release of DKAN, containing bug fixes and minor updates to DKAN 7.x-1.12, but adding no new functionality. Upgrading should be straightforward.

Improvements in this release

  • Open Data Schema Map update: Improves performance of package_show endpoint, which became nearly unresponsive on sites with thousands of datasets.
  • Point to new release of Visualization Entity, which cleans up some makefiles and brings visualization_entity_charts into the same project repository.
  • Fix editor permissions to allow access to visualizations list from admin menu
  • Upgrade Views to 7.14
  • Upgrade Drupal core to 7.44 (security update)
  • Add <br>, <h2>. <h3>, <center>, <iframe> to allowed html tags in “Martkdown HTML” format
  • Renamed the default HTML text format to “Markdown HTML”
  • Improved markdown text editor toolbar
  • Several improvements aimed at removing unstable configuration like menus from features:
    • Stories main menu link removed from stories view
    • Groups main menu link removed from page manager groups page config
    • Main menu links added on install function rather than through features
  • Add body field to Dashboard content type
  • Front page page manager (panels) config moved to the dkan_sitewide_demo_front feature
  • Front page group views moved to the dkan_dataset_groups feature
  • Add functions to convert between iso and dkan fields #241

Upgrade steps

$ drush fr dkan_dataset_content_types -y